The generation design of Extnt is based on the concept of creative dynamic design. Each new maze presented is randomly generated based on a polar grid design. The randomness in the generation process allows for a unique experience with every new game. The use of a polar grid arrangement enables a richer experience that offers in-depth spatial awareness, movement, and gameplay control.

Polar Grids

Traditional mazes are made of a grid based on rows and columns. This arrangement is called an orthogonal grid. Extnt is non-traditional in that it makes use of polar grids as its primary puzzle-space. Unlike orthonal grids, polar grids are made of concentric circles that are then subdivided into cells to generate a desired level of maze density and complexity.

Dynamic Complexity

Maze Pruning

Complexity can be accomplished with increasing the density of individual cells within the polar grid and/or adjusting the overall polar grid size. Once the general polar grid is created, the maze is pruned to create a unique puzzle experience.